VIRTUAL INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: Individual sessions every week, or every month to reframe, rebuild, and return to a quality of life that you love! What is Coaching? I start from the principle that every action is an attempt to meet our needs, our core values. On the daily, we are so often operating from habit or reaction. The coaching space is a place where you can slow down, really look at what you are doing in your life and with your life, assess if you are ok with it or if you want a shift or change. Then we get to work through tools, strategies and consistent heart-based connection toward getting your dreams fulfilled. As your coach, I am on your team, I am your ally, I am on this journey with you championing you and supporting your growth and exploration. We co-design each session so that we stay alive with whatever topic is most up for you, or most relevant. While in each session I coach topics and focus on the situations/dilemmas relevant for you, I am consistently coaching you as a whole person toward your goals, toward your dream.

ONLINE COURSE: COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION FOR FRIENDS In this 6 week course, I invite partners and friends to form a small group. I share specific tools using the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model to train you and support your practice shifting out of a mindset of judgment, shame, and blame and converting conflict into connecting, compassionate, and effective conversations. The number one thing that people in my trainings and courses report is that their judgments of others and their lack of self-connection serve as the key barrier to staying connected during conversations and getting their point across.

ONLINE COURSE: FOUNDATIONS OF COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION 5-WEEK SERIES It’s always the season for building your compassionate communication skill set! What would happen if you could make it through your days self-connected and empathic in the face of difficult conversations? How much better would life be with access to your wealth of inner resources? This 5-week series offers training and practice in empowered and effective communication. Through building self-understanding and awareness, learning to lead with empathy, deepening listening skills, and practicing articulating your preferences, wants and needs compassionately – you return to yourself, return to relationships, and return to your community with clarity and compassion.

EXECUTIVE COACHING, CORPORATE TRAINING, & MEETING FACILITATION Individual coaching and team building through workshops and trainings to create effective and fulfilling work environments. What will it take to get your company to the next level? How do you engage employees, empower executives to foster multi-level collaboration, and create a satisfying and effective company culture for all?

FACILITATING DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS: I support couples, partners, friends, colleagues, etc. re-connect toward peace and understanding.