Online Course: Transforming Judgments into Empathy

July 7 – July 28 • Tuesdays • 5.30 – 6.30pm

Where? On Zoom. Register for details.

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What do you notice distracts you or regularly gets in the way of listening to people?

The number one thing that people in my trainings and courses report is that their judgments of others or themselves serve as the key barrier to staying connected during conversations and getting their point across.


In this 4 week course, I will share a specific tools using the Nonviolent Communication model to practice shifting out of a mindset of judgment, shame, and blame and converting conflict into connecting, compassionate, and effective conversations.

No one wants to be judged. However, we habitually use judgments in our communications and relationships with one another. How else can we express that we don’t like what someone is doing or saying?! Often after we judge someone we internally experience disconnection, separation and even disinterest in the other person. Also, when we communicate our judgments, we may lose connection with someone, or even lose relationships.

When we rely on judgments to communicate our frustration or disappointment, we aren’t leaning into compassion and we aren’t as effective.

When things are good, how we communicate matters less, it’s when things are hard, when someone says or does something we don’t like that deconstructing or translating judgments matters.

Join me in a four week course to transform your judgments into empathy.

What we will explore:

  • How do judgments impact connection?
  • What is the function of judgments? Why do we judge each other and ourselves?
  • Are you orienting to blame, finding fault and shame? Or are you orienting toward compassionate effectiveness?
  • How can you re-humanize relationships through the language you use to communicate?
  • What is the relationship between judgements, dehumanization, and systemic oppression?

What you will learn:

  • To connect with your feelings and needs behind your judgments of self and others. 
  • Compassionate and effective strategies to communicate what’s truly on your heart and mind rather than rely on judgments to get your point across.
  • To navigate vulnerable feelings when you experience your own defensiveness, and stay connected to your heart.
  • How can we do something different when in relationship with each other?

Everyone is welcome! No previous skills necessary.


  • To give practical, doable skills so that learning sticks and change is sustainable.
  • To foster and nurture a safe place to get support toward personal transformation.
  • To hold space with skills, grace and compassion.
  • To build the complex and intentional community that I want to see flourish in our world.
  • To contribute to anyone and everyone’s ability to communicate in an empowered, effective and compassionate way.
  • To ignite healing, shine light on unprocessed trauma, and navigating challenge with skill and deep care.

Investment: $250

*This registration fee keeps my offerings sustainable. Thank you for contributing if you have the resources to do so. If you would like to join this course and you are BIPOC and have low resources, please message me to find a way to be a part of this offering: sheils[at]