Common questions, answered here!

Q: What’s the best way to get more info about your Co-Active Coaching?

A: Email me!

Q: Do you do sample sessions, so I can get an idea of how you work? 

A: Yes! I do 30 min sample sessions.

Q: Are you a Communication Coach, too? 

A: Yes! I have trained in Nonviolent Communication for over six years. I love NVC, and I would love to help you gain skills to communicate in a life-serving way with your loved ones, and your community. I am currently an assistant trainer for The Leadership Program ( http://lp.learnnvc.org/) and on the Leadership Team as an assistant for The BayNVC Immersion Program (http://baynvc.org/event/baynvc-immersion-program-bip-2017/).

Q: What kinds of sessions or packages do you offer? 

A: Ever growing in my scope, I currently offer empathic coaching, leadership development coaching, mediation/conflict resolution, and learning communication skills. I weave these aspects of coaching, empathy and skills training to create a supportive coaching experience for you. My profound hope, and track record, is to deeply contribute to my client’s personal growth, and fulfillment. Email me for details on my session rates and packages.

Most commonly, I work with clients 2x a month in 45 minute sessions (by phone).

Q: Do you work with organizations and businesses? 

A: Yes! I support small businesses and organizations with communication skill building, goal setting, mediation, and executive or employee coaching. Email me for details on my session rates and packages.

Not finding your curiosity satisfied? Reach out directly through my Contact Us page.