Hello World!

Next week, I will be following my passion for photojournalism and traveling to Chiapas to photo document a Partners in Health supported site, for HEAL (https://healinitiative.org). With HEAL, I had the opportunity to do the same in Haiti in 2013. This was three years after Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. I feel fierce about the need for health equity, and my support through photography of the organizations and health workers who are working hard to bring resources to resource poor areas of our world in a way that considers and honors local knowledge.

There is a lot of tragedy happening in our neighborhoods, and over there- in our brothers’ and sisters’ neighborhood. It’s more than just a heavy heart I have over here, while bathing in my privilege of consistent food, shelter, healthcare, and safety… It’s a fire. A fire to continue as best I can in my way to contribute from this place, rather than stand down and let someone else do it for me. I stand solid and confident, that alongside the tragedy, there is a lot of powerful good happening right now. HEAL Initiative and Partners in Health are part of that powerful good. One three years young, and one over 25 years working for equity.

Each of us has a talent, a skill, a leader within. Each of us can do a part. Find your part! We need you!

(My photography site: www.sheilamenezes.com)