“I hope that anyone feeling stuck with any aspect of their lives will have the opportunity to work with Sheila and be supported by her warm, affirming, and skillful approach to coaching. Sheila’s coaching has improved my outlook on career possibilities, my relationships with my family, and what it means to me to be alive.

For each session I bring a topic that is alive for me (maybe a rumination, a block, or a shift that I’ve noticed) and by the time my session with Sheila is over, I have more clarity about what is at the root of the challenge. After working with Sheila I have more self-compassion about my patterned behavior, and I have a sense of how I can apply the insights from the session to navigate my day to day with more choice and ease. Most importantly, I find myself less and less in cycles of self-judgment and negativity. 

I am stunned at how deep we are able to go in a session and how significant and lasting the insights feel. With Sheila’s guidance I’ve been able to access layers of healing that span earlier stages of my life and also address present-day challenges. After a session I have the sense that I am integrating the work we have done at a spiritual level, in a way that hasn’t really been possible in the two years of weekly sessions with my regular therapist.

In particular, I really appreciate that Sheila offers choice with where we go with the topic of the day. She poses options that feel accessible and attuned to my experience. She meets me where I am with how accessible certain feelings are for me. And her prompts to check in with my body sensations feel supportive throughout the process. I especially value the insights and connections Sheila tracks throughout a session or among multiple sessions. I leave our sessions energized and hopeful.” –  Latina, first-generation immigrant, 43 years old

Sheila is the real deal. She drew on deep wisdom, an ability to discern the unspoken emotional reality, and a deeply caring heart to guide me through a difficult time with my wife. I am a therapist and would recommend her to other therapists (and non-therapists!) because she really knows what she is doing.” –Joshua K, Addiction Psychiatrist

“I had a life-changing experience working with Sheila. My business partner and I saw her to help us talk through tensions that were developing between us. I began the process expecting to clear up some misunderstandings and create agreements about how we’d communicate in the future. We got that and so much more. I learned skills that are helping me in ALL my relationships, personal and professional. I’ve learned how to slow down conversations to make space to really hear and be heard. Now, almost a year from when we completed our sessions with Sheila, my relationship with my business partner feels strong, flexible and easy. I feel incredibly grateful.” – Small Business Client

“A note to say working with you yesterday met my need for inspiration and compassion, and authenticity. Thank you for your gracious and generous process management. I walked away with some very clear strategies and ideas and a profound feeling of peace and ease.” – JM

“When Sheila first met me, I did not have a lot of confidence in myself. There were many challenges to overcome. Sometimes there two steps back to move forward. The reward was incredible. I see a different person today with different way of looking at the world.

To get to this place in my life, Sheila challenged me knowing I could handle it. If I did not agree with her at the time, she knew that I would take time to reflect and come back to our session two weeks later with a different perspective. I am better able to voice my thoughts, feelings, and needs. I am more present.

These past three years, I have grown as a person because of Sheila’s guidance and insight. I highly recommend Sheila as a life and leadership coach.” – MV, Special Project Manager

“Thank you for talking out my goal to work less. It has totally worked!  I haven’t worked in the evenings since we have talked, and I still manage to get all my work done during the day.  AND, I still get compliments on the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of my work.  You were great at helping me talk it out and creating practical action items.  I would have totally kept burning the candle at both ends if I didn’t hash it out with you.  But, now I am feeling more balanced and happier. Thank you!  You rock!” – KG