Individual Sessions

Individual Leadership Development and Communication Coaching
(Co-Active Coaching Framework and Empathic Foundation)

Reframe, rebuild, and return to a quality of life that you love!

Free 30 min Sample Sessions: Satisfy your curiosity. Get to know my coaching style and see if we are a match! If you are not ready to make the jump, yet you have friends, loved ones, or colleagues whom you want to refer to coaching, this is a great way to start getting to know co-active coaching and its power.

What is Coaching? I start from the principle that every action is an attempt to meet our needs, our core values. On the daily, we are so often operating from habit or reaction. The coaching space is a place where you can slow down, really look at what you are doing in your life and with your life, assess if you are ok with it or if you want a shift or change. Then we get to work through tools, strategies and consistent heart-based connection toward getting your dreams fulfilled. As your coach, I am on your team, I am your ally, I am on this journey with you championing you and supporting your growth and exploration. We co-design each session so that we stay alive with whatever topic is most up for you, or most relevant. While in each session I coach topics and focus on the situations/dilemmas relevant for you, I am consistently coaching you as a whole person toward your goals, toward your dream.

What happens in a Coaching Session? Every session is designed to connect with you, be with you where you are at, and to create a safe and courageous space for you to explore your life and dreams. I assume that you are naturally, resourceful creative and whole. I deeply listen to stay on track and present with what’s alive for you. I end every session with co-designed “homework”, something that we decide on together that you can take action on between sessions to keep you moving and connected to your dream, and living the life that you want. You can stop coaching at any time it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you. This is about you and your empowerment!

We are a team while in the coaching relationship! We are together on a journey focused on you, your empowerment, and you taking your life and dreams to the next level.


  • Our time and energy, and focus in 100% service of you.
  • Contact me to develop a package of sessions.