It’s the spring. Things are awkward in the midst of this pandemic.

Nevertheless, you are side-eyeing the end of the year – or maybe, it’s side-eyeing you.

You don’t want to finish the year without a plan, even in this context.

Here’s an option to suport you:


How about a mid-year jumpstart?! Summer will be at its peak soon and as we shelter in place your mind is meandering alongside carefree jumps into lakes, hikes with sun streaming through redwoods. A piece of you knows you still can plan for the year ahead! How is this year going to turn out when all is said and done for you personally? Is it possible to increase your impact in the remainder of the year? YES. Do you want to end 2020 with solid goals and meaningful steps toward your dream? YES.

In this program I’ll coach and support you to get clear on what ignites you, develop awareness to mitigate your progress barriers, share techniques to align your head and your heart so that you move through your days with more energy and focus, guide you in building effective action plans so that what you truly want doesn’t slip through any cracks. I want you to land 2020 like an Olympic gymnast feeling hella accomplished, and inspired.


• You are feeling the rest of the year encroaching upon you.
• You aren’t clear what you want to accomplish for the rest of this year, but you’re READY to figure it out.
• You have some goals staring at you pleading, “Don’t forget about me!” and you want to attend to them.
• You are ready for movement and action that is grounded in choice and awareness.
• You could use some solid support from a leadership and communication coaching professional committed to increasing individual impact.
• You are ready to break some habits and formulate new life-affirming habits.
• You are ready to live with intention, rather than be dragged around by projects and events, and your emotions.
• Your whole body relaxes when you think about partnering with a coach who isn’t afraid to ask you the important questions, hold you with care, and call on that fierce leader residing within you.
• You are eager to access your human potential and manifest your impact.

Our Commitment (yours and mine):

• 1 x 30 min intro session – Who are you and who are you becoming? Clarify expectations. Get started with coaching. Flush out logistics. You are taking your first step into your leadership power.
• 1 x 90 min discovery session – In depth session uncovering your vision, your challenges, and establishing your individual goals for the program.
• 7 x 45 min coaching sessions – every other week.
• Compassionate Return Discovery & Planning Workbook (PDF)
• Sessions conducted via phone or zoom.
• Accepting a maximum of 10 new clients for this program.

You know this is for you, and you HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?

Let’s talk! Schedule a free 20 min call with me. We will attend to what’s next for you, you will get coached, find out more about the program, and ask all your questions.